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Ultimate Home Horoscope & Palmistry 2 CD-ROM Set (Jewel Case)

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Ultimate Home Horoscope & Tarot (4 CD-ROM)

Whether you're a serious astrologer or simply curious about what your future may hold, Ultimate Home Horoscope & Tarot offers a compelling combination of ancient secrets, new-age philosophies, and high-tech methods to accompany you on your search for answers. A four-disc library that does everything from exploring the art of palmistry to replicating traditional I Ching practices, this software may open up spiritual doors you never even knew existed.

Ultimate Home Horoscope & Tarot comes complete with four separate CD-ROMs, including The Oracle of Changes, Birth Horoscope Interpreter, The Art of Palmistry, and Tarot Magic, all of which must be installed separately. While this may make for a tedious installation process, the upside is that you can choose which applications you wish to run, while ignoring the ones that may seem less relevant to your interests. That said, it's important to point out that each of these applications is worth installing, if only for the sheer beauty of the graphics and sound effects. We were especially impressed with the images on The Oracle of Changes application, where the program is set up to look like a clandestine cave, complete with dark shadows and ornate details.

One issue we did have with this application, and especially with The Oracle of Changes disk, was the user interface. Navigating through this disk was rather difficult, as the table of contents is set up to resemble an ancient book. Navigation buttons were unclear, and in order to exit the program, we had to hit Control-Alt-Delete, because there was no visible exit option. It was much easier to cruise around the Birth Horoscope Interpreter and The Art of Palmistry applications, as these interfaces were clearer and more detailed.

Of all the applications, the Birth Horoscope Interpreter seems to be the most interactive option for learning about your past, present, and future. After entering your birth date, place, and time, the software produces a fully customized personal chart, including an interactive astrological wheel diagram, detailed interpretations, animated sequences, and planetary and house cusp-position grids. Novice astronomers will appreciate the symbol guide, while professionals should be impressed by how detailed and sophisticated the application actually is. And while certain pieces of our chart were a bit oversimplified (i.e., "The bond to your mother will have been particularly formative"--whose wasn't?), most of application's interpretations were dead-on accurate.

A smart and interesting application, Ultimate Home Horoscope & Tarot is sure to provide hours of endless entertainment, if not answers to some of your deeper spiritual questions. --Gisele Toueg



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