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April 20 - May 21 - Taurus Birth Sign

Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Taurus. Individuals born within the period when the Sun was in this sign are considered Taurus individuals.

Taurus Women

Whether you see her at the market Saturday morning dealing with the sales women or at a festivity, present everywhere, or stuck in traffic without getting hysterical or home preparing a delicious meal for her big family, the Taurus woman is the one that takes her female role seriously. She looks like the woman capable of finding a solution to any problem, and her strategic way of finding the best solution for everything make her wanted everywhere: as a mother, as a lover, as a wife, friend, boss, colleague or neighbor, everything fits her!

Physical appearance:

Taurus women are not very tall and their bodies are pretty muscular but graceful at the same time, since Venus watches over them. They are really good housewives and plenty of them eat a lot, which causes problems for their diets. Usually Taurus women are overweight. They are not always self conscious about how they look, and most of them are a invigorating presence. They walk suggests that they are sure of themselves and know which way to take.


For the Taurus woman, everything is planned and well thought of beforehand. Her practical sense gives her intuition in dealing with materialistic problems. Without dreaming away and gazing absentmindedly into space, the Taurus woman has her time very well organized and her life planed until retirement. She’s a very determined woman who knows what she wants, who has expectations and who manages to combine well her career, family, love and money into a relationship.
Her perseverance can lead to obsession when it’s about her or her family’s interests. She is very loyal; she would never cheat on her husband and would be the last one leaving a sinking ship, only when she made sure that there is absolutely nothing left to do.
She’s often possessive and can appear to be pretty difficult for those who judge her by the way she looks. Everything is due to her ability to give and to expect getting the same back. It can happen for a Taurus woman to start thinking only about the materialistic side of things.


In general, she doesn’t have health problems. However, if she gets too stressed, she might start having insomnias, headaches and depressions. At a young age, she might catch flues easily. Careful how you eat and what you eat!


If you’re a Taurus, it’s highly probable that making money is your life’s goal. You are capable of fighting to go wherever you want to go but without being immoral. You can start up a new business that is based on honest hard work and you will definitely make it. Your practical and strategic sides hardly ever fail, especially when you marry someone that is similar to you.

Love life:

It’s like a movie that you’ve seen twenty times and that you can never get bored of. Although she likes the pleasures of life, she is not adventurous and prefers stability instead of taking risks. She loves strong men that she likes to admire and support. Because she influenced by Venus, she attracts many admirers, from poets to businessmen. She’s romantic without being sappy, she’s sensual and provoking, capable of offering a lot, and is the partner that every man wants to have as mother, wife and friend.
She doesn’t do things in a hurry and takes her time to consider the man she’s about to spend her life with. Her presence is welcome, her intelligence resembles old wisdom, the way she manages to keep a home makes her liked by men and the way she loves her children makes her complete.
She is capable of giving her children very good education, and will always be a role model for them.

About the Author
Alina Georgescu is an expert in astrology and zodiac signs. She writes for a major Romanian astrology (horoscope)

Taurus Gifts



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